Asset Management Services

As an experienced investment advisor for family offices and high net worth foreign and domestic investors, RMC Realty Advisors is involved in all phases of the product life cycle, from acquisition to disposition. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and cost effective asset management services for investors of commercial real estate, allowing our valued clients to outsource this critical ownership function.

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A Trusted Asset Management Partner

Our Comprehensive Asset Management Services Include: 

  • Source, evaluate, and acquire new properties
  • Formulate strategic management and leasing plans
  • Hire, direct, and evaluate the performance of property management and leasing teams
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  • Prepare annual business plans and critically review monthly property management and leasing reports
  • Keep Ownership apprised of property performance and the condition and trends of regional and local real estate markets
  • Monitor upcoming lease expirations and work diligently to retain existing tenant base
  • Work directly with leasing team to absorb vacant space on a timely basis
  • Negotiate leases and property agency agreements
  • Evaluate, monitor, and revise property financing strategy, as necessary
  • Calculate and track financial performance and initiate periodic distributions to Ownership
  • Formulate and implement disposition plans
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Complimentary Portfolio Review

Receive a complimentary review and analysis of your current real estate portfolio, which will allow you to step away from the day to day management and focus on your core business or other interests.

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Real estate investments can be complex to manage even for full-time real estate professionals. It’s natural to have questions or concerns, and we want you to consider RMC Realty Advisors as a resource you can reach out to at any time. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.